Design a repressor to bind to the operon of this gene

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A. Design a repressor to bind to the operon of this gene. B. Use a histone deacetylase to induce a transcriptionally inactive state. C. Use a C. elegans strain with a homozygous TFIID mutation to prevent the translation initiation complex from forming. D. Use RNA interference to prevent mRNA translation.

Reference no: EM13142523

How might a point mutation create an inactive form of p53

The TP53 gene encodes the p53 protein. This 393-amino acid protein is a transcription factor that is regulated by phosphorylation and by its interaction with another phospho

What will be the phenotypic and genotypic ratios

in dogs ,wire hair(S) is dominant to smooth (s). In a cross of wire hair (homozygous) and smooth hair ,what will be the hair condition (phenotype and genotype ) of the F1 ge

How many hemoglobin molecules are there in a red cell

Hemoglobin content. The average volume of a red blood cell is 87 ?m3. The mean concentration of hemoglobin in red cells is 0.34 g ml?1. ( so, i have the answer key..but how

Types are trending downward

It seems like everything causes cancer these days and that we hear more about it - although most types are trending downward; especially those for which we have early detect

Hospital for kidney cancer

A 55-year old man is admitted to the hospital for kidney cancer. He has been out of work for some time; has no insurance coverage; and has used up his last resources. He is

Pretend you are a top national microbologist reasearcher

Your working at a remote field station and you've been given a container of undentified mostly microscopic. Your job is to determine if the organisms are bacteria, unicellul

An accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity

It is frequently when the environment changes in some way that is unfavourable to an existing population that the organisms begin to reproduce sexually. Explain the importance

Living cells when placed in hypertonic solution

Living cells when placed in hypertonic solution, then the cell will experience ......... A. hipotonis B. desplamolisis C. turgor D. Turgesen E. plasmolysis


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