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Network Assignment

A network proposal has to be developed for a manufacturing company. The design is an L-Shaped building approximately 1500 square feet. They will have 1 reception and 5 offices. Each office employee has a personal printer. They are not using a network to communicate.

Currently: President's Office (4), Accounting (3), and Business and HRM (2)

Future Plans: HR (6), Accounting (5), and Break room (2)

They are moving to a larger building 3500 square feet. They are expanding and will add 15 more offices. They will add network printers and wireless network for employees and guest. They will need to share files between departments.

Design a network for this company to incorporate a network server, printer and wireless network. Provide a security solution for them. What type of topology? What type of cabling will need to be used? You will need to determine cabling, hardware and software needs. Include a timeline and cost analysis for the executives.

Reference no: EM131353087

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