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Assessment 1

Students are encouraged to be aware of current marketing issues that are taking place both domestically and globally.

1. Students are required to identify and select one referenced news article that is related to the tutorial topic of the week. The referenced news article should be no more than four months old and may be sourced from either print or online news publications.

2. Report on how the referenced news article relates to the tutorial topic of the week. The report should not exceed 300 words.

3. Discuss the implications of the referenced news article at the tutorial.

4. Submit the relevant referenced news article, 300 word typed report at the end of each tutorial in Weeks 3, 4, 5 8,9.

Assessment 2

Marketing Plan for a company - the specific case study. 

Based on the information provided, groups will need to develop a Marketing Plan for the next 12 months. More specific detail will be provided with the Case Study.

Case Study - 3M Australia

You are now employed as a team of 3 - 4 (max.) marketing consultants to help design a Marketing Plan for 3M Australia. However you will need to firstly understand the brand by performing a Situation analysis (Macro/Micro/Internal environment Analysis) and set up objectives & Goals(next 12 months), then designing the Marketing Mix (4P's). It is very important that you are able to foresee or predict potential problems you might have with launching the product. As a team, you are required to pitch your marketing plan to your senor Marketing Managers. 3M Australia is looking for a creative, practical and fun marketing plan!

Objective of the Marketing Plan:

Launching a new marketing plan for a product.

3M Australia marketing department allocated $200K to $400K for launching a new marketing plan for one product each category;

1. Health Care

2. Transportation Industrial

3. Manufacturing and Industry

4. Home and Leisure

5. Office

6. Display and Graphics

7. Electronics, Electrical and Tele Communications

8. Safety, Security and Protection Services

As a marketing team, you choose a best potential product from existing products by researching a market/industry for 3M, should develop a marketing plan for the product. You need to pitch your plan to 3M senior marketing managers to secure a budget. We will compete with other marketing teams for the budget. Only one plan per each category will be selected for the budget allocation and the team will be honoured to implement the plan.

Your team can decide on the marketing mix strategy by looking at the various marketing theories taught this term. The challenge is to think outside the box and create a plan that is feasible for the brand!

Your report MUST prove why your product is the best potential for 3M in a situation analysis. You can also bring a sample to your class for demonstration.Word count: 2000 (+/- 10%) words. Not including Cover Page, Table of contents, Reference, Appendix


1) Application of theory: You will need to apply marketing theories for this assignment. You can refer to your textbook, lecture slides to help you to write the Marketing Plan. For specific guides on writing the marketing plan please refer to Appendix, Marketing Plan of your textbook.

2) Presentation: You are required to present your Marketing Plan within your tutorial class to your tutor and peers.

3) Template: A report template has been provided on Moodle for this assignment. Please refer to "Group Project Progress Report" in a directory "Assessment 2". You will need to follow the template and discuss your marketing plan accordingly. However, if you need to add additional information, you can put it in Appendix. Do download and use accordingly.

4) Referencing: You are expected to refer to external resources for theories, ideas or current trends. However, you will need to apply theories to your statements/claims. These will need to be justified and supported by theory. Therefore, you will NEED to have at least 5 academic references for this assignment. Textbooks are not considered an academic reference, and it is expected that you would refer to it.

You will need to reference it if you use your textbook. You should use resources from databases such as EBSCO, ProQuest, Emerald Insight, and so on.

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Reference no: EM13850462

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