Description of the hiv and siv
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My topic is HIV/SIV and I want picture of molecule.

I also need information about the molecule with citation and footnote.

Start with a topic statement with description of the topic area, you can revise it later in the term for your final product, and then will build pages based on tying your topic to representative molecules which fit into the topics of this course.

At the end a presentation will be made of your topic for which your pages can be used as the visuals.

Topic with description of topic area - no more than one-two pages regarding what sort of system or processes or disease scope the topic is addressing, What organisms or body systems or organs are involved, interventions, other pertinent biological aspects. You can revisit this as you go along, but turn in an initial look at the scope of your topic. (Never forget to cite sources, but don't copy paste your text - write your own summary!

Two pages due, for which each page includes a drawing of a molecule which pertains to your topic in some way. Identify what type of molecule it is. If pertinent, identify functional groups or make other comments about structure and properties based on the structure and your reading. (If proteins or other macromolecules, identifying functional groups probably does not apply at this time; revisit when we've looked into those chapters and see what points can be included regarding molecular structure that apply to that type of molecule.)

Describe how this molecule relates to your topic - what role is it playing? You should have a grand total of 14 molecules by the end of the project, each with its own page. Each Tuesday you should turn in two more; hopefully you will have more to say about each one as we go through the course and as you continue to read up on your topic.


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The scope of the present report is based on biochemical aspects of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes HIV infection and concurrent complications of AIDS. The discussion concept is thus focused on the main physiological biomolecules that participate in the whole diseases state. In addition to this, a note will also be presented for a pharmacological agent that is relevant regarding the treatment option available presently to reduce the associated symptoms.

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