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Course Project: Health Policy Paper

Health policy unfolds daily and drives clinical practice in the U.S. You will investigate current policies or legislation underway for a specific health-related issue and develop a scholarly, APA-formatted paper supported by evidence. The policy paper rubric:

  • Introduction to population or problem (incidence, prevalence, epidemiology, cost burden, etc.)
  • Description of how the policy is intended for a specific population, program, or organization
  • Specific legislators involved in the policy development and dissemination
  • Identify the role of the APRN in assisting with the policy or refuting the policy - this requires the evidence to support opinion, ideas, and/or concepts
  • Discuss how the policy influences clinical practice and is used to promote best outcomes
  • Examine how the policy can be used by the inter professional team to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care for the specific population
  • Conclusion - summarize findings
  • APA format - use of primary peer-reviewed references as much as possible the topic is OBESITY.

Reference no: EM131366190

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