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You want to bank enough money to pay for 4 years of college at $20,000 per year for your child. The savings account will pay an effective rate of 5% per year. The first annual payment for tuition and for room and board is made on your child's 17th birthday. If you deposit the money on your child's 3rd birthday, how much must you deposit?

Reference no: EM1330342

Annuity due-bond returns-rate of return

Bond Returns. You purchase an 8 percent coupon, 20-year maturity bond when its yield to maturity is nine percent. A year later, the yield to maturity is 10 percent. What is

Information about annual withdrawal

A client has recently deposited $20,000 in savings account which pays 8% interest compounded annually. How much may he withdraw at end of each year?

Which quarterback is better paid

Famous quarterback just signed the $17 million contract providing $4.25 million a year for 4 years. Who is better paid? The interest rate is 8 percent.

Annuity and dividends for common stocks

Morgan Jennings, a geography professor, invests $50,000 in a parcel of land that is expected to increase in value by 12 percent per year for the next five years. He will tak

Question about lease financing

Sutton Corporation, which has a zero tax rate due to tax loss carry-forwards, is considering a 5-year, $6,000,000 bank loan to finance service equipment.

Future value of janet boyle deposit

Use your finding in part a to discuss the effect of more frequent deposits and compounding of interest on the future value of an annuity.

Capital budgeting decision or security investment

Describe a real world decision which you've analyzed (like a capital budgeting decision or security investment). Discuss how you may now go about setting up "investment deci

Question about saving for retirement

How much must you save each year between now and retirement to achieve your goal? If the rate of inflation turns out to be 6% per year between now and retirement, how much w


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