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For this Assignment, review this week's Resources. Consider the needs of the urban youth population and the type of group you might build to benefit the population. Think about how you might structure this group and what role you, the social worker, might need to assume in order to support the group members. Finally, reflect on what intervention skills this group might require and the potential group dynamics of which you should be aware while running the group.

Assignment: (response should be 2-4-pages in APA format).

Paper should include:

A description of the population with which you might like to build a group and an explanation of the type of group you might build with this population.

An explanation of the concerns that might be addressed for this population in that group and a description of which cultural structures and values may oppress, marginalize, alienate, create, or enhance privilege and power for this group.

A description of the details you must consider when planning the group. For example, composition of the group, recruitment strategies, format (open or closed), time frame, and use of screening interviews for members.

An explanation of the intervention skills needed for working with this group and an explanation of the potential professional roles the social worker might need to take on as the leader.

An explanation of the potential dynamics to be aware of when running this particular group.

Reference no: EM131034189

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