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Assignment: Use President Obama's State of the Union

Write a short (two to three pages) evaluation of a speech you attended, covering the following items.

1. Name, title, and/or position of speaker

2. Subject, date, and time of speech

3. Occasion for speech, including sponsoring group

4. Location of speech (describe the physical setting in detail)

5. Mode of presentation (impromptu, memorized, read from manuscript, extemporaneous, etc.)

6. Discussion of appropriateness and effectiveness of mode of presentation

7. Description and discussion of speaker's voice

8. Discussion of appropriateness and effectiveness of rate of speaking (including the use of pauses)

9. Discussion of appropriateness and effectiveness of loudness of presentation (including any problems with equipment, such as microphone noises)

10. Discussion of speaker's vocal variety.

11. Discussion of speaker articulation, enunciation, pronunciation, or dialect

12. Discussion of speaker's use of body language (including facial expressions, eye contact, movement, gestures, and appearance

13. Suggestions you would give this speaker for improving presentationskills. Yes, you may make suggestions regarding President Obama's delivery.

Reference no: EM131175049

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