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Description and Analyzing Hawthorne Study

In the 1920’s the Hawthorne’s study was invented and conducted at the Hawthorne’s plant of the Western Electric company by Elton Mayo and Fritz Roethlisberger. For which is the research that was the managerial focus on the strategy incorporating within the social psychological work aspects in human behavior within the organization. This original study was looked upon as whether if more workers were responsive and worked more efficiently under certain work environment conditions (Reading: The Hawthorne’s Study, n.d.). With surprise results, Mayo and Fritz Roethlisberger were seeing that the study within the workers was more responsive to the social, environmental factors such as working together as a group and the interest within the managers that put in the work than the elements.

For the Hawthorn’s study, it is discovered that the workers were highly responsive to the added attention from their managers and the feeling the workers got that the managers care about and were very interested in their work ethics (Reading: The Hawthorne’s Study, n.d.). The Hawthorne’s study has shown that with work interest and motivation can help to increase in productivity is evidence that being treated with respect is job satisfaction. According to Reading: The Hawthorne’s Study (n.d.), it explains within a research study that the employee’s work performance is dependable upon the social environment, and job satisfactory with good working conditions are less important than meeting the standard procedures for work improvement in productivity rather than meeting the employee’s need, to belong in a group, and making decisions for work implantation ideas.

Hawthorne’s study is incorporated within the current human resource functions by the theory that researchers believe people are desired to be part of the support team that helps facilitate work development and growth (Perry, 2017). In other words, if the employee receives special attention with encouragement, their work described as significance, and they are more productive in doing their job, as a result for a high-quality worker for the organization. For human resource theories, a productivity and creativity implantation can be maximized for employee turnovers for better work ethics for which is described as job satisfaction for the organization. The main idea for this study is to initiate a clear source of motivating, offer financial incentives, and a pleasant working environment for the employees. It is the focus on the individual’s work ethic and how they can improve within their work performance.

Reference no: EM132233782

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