Describing sources of resource risk
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GU has multiple systems and applications that must communicate with each other. Changes in the operating system and platforms must be carefully considered. One system can offset multiple other systems. GU runs multiple dashboards and overlays in order to access information globally in real time. The system has no downtime per se as the servers are updating every six hours (12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm Central Standard Time) and different backup systems are in place globally and online.

The project has been planned out and GU has signed off on the plan. GU has installed development and test environments. No significant issues have been reported. The rollout throughout the office has gone well with support level and administrative personnel. The rollout is now extending to pilot users in the nursing graduate program. A system failure is occurring due to unknown software which many of the instructors and nursing students have loaded on their computers (desktop and laptop). The failure has brought down the system and is negatively impacting the credibility of the system. What is your first course of action? What plans and measures will you put in place, and how will this impact your schedule? What could have been preventative measures to reduce these risks?

Write a 3-4 page paper describing sources of resource risk. Please give examples based on your experience and/or from your project management textbook to illustrate the sources of resource risk. Save your assignments for review and use on your BA599 Capstone project.


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GU has multiple systems and application that have to communicate with each other which makes it important that any kind of changes in the software and platforms must be carefully considered. Any wrong decision can affect multiple operating systems in the company. GU runs multiple dashboard and overlays so that it can access global information in real time. The systems have no downtime as the servers are updated every six hours in addition to the different backup systems that are placed globally and are available online.

GU has passed a recently planned project and has developed development and test environments. The roll out of the program has been started as a pilot project and has been extended to pilot users in the nursing and graduate program. There have been no significant reports of any issues with the system but a system failure has been noticed due to the installation of unknown software applications on the computer systems of instructors and nursing students. The failure of the system brings down the operating systems at the workplace and is having a negative impact on the credibility of the system that is being implemented. In this report we will discuss the measures that can be undertaken to prevent downloading and installation of third party or unknown applications that are causing a failure in the system.

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