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Quesiton: Using proper APA formatting write 4-6 pages, not including your heading or reference pages describing the significance of the information in a security plan.

1. A description of the facility and its organizational structure.

2. The security organization of the facility.

3. A discussion of the physical barriers used in the system.

4. A discussion of the alarm system used.

5. A description of access controls used to restrict access to or within the facility.

6. A discussion of security lighting at the facility.

7. A description of the communications capability.

8. A description of the CCTVs capabilities, usages and best areas to mount them.

9. A breakdown of the security force, its organization, training, equipment, capabilities, resources, and procedures.

10. A discussion of outside resources including LLEA and others as appropriate.

11. Annual assessments.

• Please use the IP title page provided in the course material folder.

• Your SA score should not be more than 30%.

• If your last posted assignment is more that 30% you will get a zero score.

• In-text citations and a reference list are also a requirement.

• You need to have at least 10 cited sources this assignment.

• Please ensure that all cited sources are credible

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