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One function of a leader is to provide the vision for the organization they lead. Being a role model and leading the way forward are important aspects of leadership. If you were leading an internet retailer or other organization that involves innovative technology and organizational flexibility, describe the process you would engage to create a vision for the organization and how you would get employees involved in that vision.

Reference no: EM1326751

Explaining different styles of leadership

What is a leadership style? What are the different styles of leadership and which one would you adopt if you were asked to lead a group?

Method promote to attract competitive workforce

Evaluate and identify three (3) methods or guidelines a personnel manager should promote in order to find and attract a competitive workforce.

Explaining functions of management

The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Are these all-encompassing, or do you think that there are other functions that should b

Science implications for leaders in working environment

What examples of these new science implications for leaders do you see in today's working environment? How are/should leaders adapting to these new assumptions?

Ethics influence leadership decision making

How should ethics influence leadership decision making so patients will be able to receive the care they need versus the care they want?

Unique metaphor to explain the theory

Such examples of graphic metaphors include the comparison of fractals to broccoli shape as an example of self-referencing. However, I need to invent my own unique metaphor

Importance of science guidelines to success of enterprise

Explain the importance and implications of these new science guidelines to the success of the enterprise and describe the behaviors needed from leaders.

Criteria to determining effective leaders

In other words, do results matter more than people and should that be one of the criteria looked at when it comes to determining effective leaders?


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