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Question: Lab: The Internet Of Things

A recent buzzword, "The Internet of Things", can be loosely defined as the global collection of devices that communicate with each other whether wired or wireless. Read the following articles and then complete the work below the links.

A Simple Explanation of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is Far Bigger than Anyone Realizes.

Using Microsoft Word create a picture detailing your own "Internet of Things" (in your life). The picture can be a simplified version of the one used in the unit 1 lab. Then write a 2-3 page paper describing how the cloud is currently used or can be used to enable those devices to communicate and work together. Be specific and include both hardware and software needs.

Be sure to use at least 2 external sources and to include all of your sources by providing citations/links to the Web pages you used in APA format.

Your paper must use proper APA formatting and must contain citations and references to all materials you access to help you with this paper.

Reference no: EM132281156

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