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1) Write down name of 5 firms which issue commercial paper in Singapore. How did subprime crisis influence market for commercial paper in developed economics. (You only require to give overall trends, specific examples).

2) Draw upon experiences with over counter swap markets in the subprime crisis. Why is Dodd Frank Act introducing new rules for over counter swaps, designed to make them more like futures?

3) My company is being sued. It is very probable that we will lose lawsuit and that lawsuit will cost us about $1,000,000. We must identify this lawsuit as liability on our balance sheet. Select one:

i) True
ii) False

4) Granting of stock options to employees as the form of compensation generally doesn’t need recognition of compensation expense by company granting stock options. Select one:

i) True
ii) False

5) In their initial years of application, accelerated methods of depreciation like sum-of-years-digits and double-declining balance methods result in reporting of elevated incomes. Select one:

i) True
ii) False

Reference no: EM1310387

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