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1. Word paper that describes two functions of DNA and explains how DNA's structure allows it to fulfill these functions. Include the following in your answer:

o Structure of a nucleotide
o Base-pair rules
o Process of replication, including enzyme function
o RNA structure
o Process of transcription
o Translation
o Codons and anticodons

2. Explain how knowledge of DNA and technology is being used today to do things that we could not have done 50 years ago. Address how control of gene expression affects biotechnology.

Reference no: EM13935262

Significance of eletron transport in the photochemical

What is the significance of eletron transport in the photochemical (i.e.,light-dependent) reactions of photosynthesis?  How does the ration of the hydrophilic amino acid resid

Death often results from failure of the respiratory system

Tetanus is caused by a bacteria that enter the body through wounds in the skin. The bacteria produce a toxin that causes septic muscle contraction . Death often results from

Reaction between the inoculating loop and hydrogen peroxide

Would a false positive from the reaction between the inoculating loop and hydrogen peroxide be caused by poor specificity or poor sensitivity of the test system? Explain.

Amoeboid cell movements are not caused by microtubules

The drug vincristine is used to treat many cancers. Itapparently works by causing microtubules to depolymerize (breaksapart microtubules). Vincristine use has many side effect

The circulatory system of vascular plants compared to humans

This week we shifted our focus to our eukaryotic "cousins", the plants. With that in mind, the discussion topic is designed to provoke some critical analysis of both systems

How much will you save with the better deal

you are shopping in the stores for this fancy perfume your mom likes and have found it for $125.00 per 1 liter bottle. not impressed with the price, you turned to the intern

Create an experiment to test what happens

make an experiment to test what happens (i.e. what is the final plasmid DNA content of cells in a transformed colony) if a competent cell is transformed with circular double

Find the control group-the independentvariable

I'm supposed to find the control group, the independentvariable, and the dependent variable. How do you distinguishbetween them depending on the situation? My teacher has trie


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