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15 written pages in length (workflow, screenshots, and graphics can be included for clarity - counted separately from the 15 pages)

Create a company and choose a product. Use the SDLC to define an ES system that integrates TWO of the following process for this product:

1) Procurement process (Chapter 3 - Essentials of Business Processes and Info system)

2) Fulfillment process (Chapter 4 - Essentials of Business Processes and Info system)

3) Production process (Chapter 5 - Essentials of Business Processes and Info system)

The paper should discuss all aspects of the SDLC (from a functional point of view)

• The investigation/analysis/design describe the steps in a fully integrated end-to-end process.

• The design uses chapter 1-5 from the Technology Guide to discuss options for Hardware, Software, Clouds, Intelligent systems, etc.

• The final steps within the SDLC should include supports for an end-to-end process.

Team Paper outline

System Investigation

During this phase, the user identifies the information system and nature of the work that must be done for the information system. The work to be done usually is expressed as a problem statement that is a definition of the deficiencies in the information system or of the improvements desired.

System Analysis

Required to understand and document the user's needs for the system. Documents in detail the scope, business objectives and requirements of the system. Emphasizes what the system is to do.

Includes analysis of what data need to be created/replicated

In this step, the team identified above works with the current and future system users to define and model the current business processes in detail.

Flow-charting and workflows are common tools used in this step of the SDLC

This information is then analyzed and a model is devised for the new system that meets the needs of the business.

System Design

Describes how the proposed system is to be built to satisfy the requirements from the analysis section. Designs for all required information system outputs, files, inputs, application software programs, and manual procedures are identified.
In this step, specific technical designs are created to the smallest detail.The design is specific to the technical requirements the system.

Describes movement of data between operational databases

System Implementation
Limited in scope


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Table Of Contents
Abstract 2
Introduction 2
Background Research On Sdlc 3
Setting Up Of Case Study 5
Overview Of Healthcare 5
Action Of Sdlc In The Organisation 6
Integration Of Web Based Procurement And Fulfillment Process 7
Procurement And Fulfilment Processes 7
System Analysis 9
Defining The Problem 9
System Requirement Analysis 10
System Design 12
Selection Mode 12
System Implementation 13
Evolutionary Model Of E Business Implementation 14
System Maintenance Or Support 15
Conclusion 16
References 17

To the software development industry, the system development life cycle (SDLC) has been in the race and also it provides a reliable approach with undergoing so much of changes in the upcoming years. As it has many debatable issues to handle, it has proven a true methodology for the software development industry. In this paper we discuss about the application of SDLC in the health care environment in the upcoming years. The example which we have taken to discuss will be utilized in the hospital care facility of the health component part. The procurement of this system is designed as a software package to facilitate the health care atmosphere. In our research we found that the methodology is still present and it is as useful as ever. In a real time atmosphere, the stages of SDLC produce an effective software product. It also identifies, selects the procedures and also implements the software. In this case study we have learnt about the system analysis and also the course of design along with the core information systems based on the SDLC concepts.

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