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The bibliography should be at least 500 words in length. minimum of 3 sources I plan on using for the Unit 9 assignment . (I CAN SEND YOU AN EXAMPLE OF THE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY that will assist you with meeting APA expectations for this assignment.) pls let me know.

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Source: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Healthy People 2020. Retrieved from

This is assignment Unit 9 Total slide is 15
Title slide (1 slide)

Introduction slide (1 slide)

Provides an overview of the program(s) that are working to address the health issue. (1-2 slides)

Identifies the social marketing elements of the program and/or information provided to the media/public to reach the target audience. (1-2 slides)

Addresses cultural competency, health disparities and/or multiculturalism, including cultural and ethical values that can positively or negatively impact changing behaviors as they relate to the public health issue. (2-3 slides)

Explains the collaboration between stakeholders for program success. (2-3 slides)

Describes health policy recommendations that the program could use to advance the program (regulations, legislation, or policy). (1-2 slides)

Identifies challenges, including but not limited to reaching the target audience and funding. (1-2 slides)

Suggests next steps for the program, such as spin off programs based on the successes, or expansion to other areas of the community, state or nationally. (1-2 slides)

Conclusion (1 slide)

References (as many slides as needed) Requirements

The presentation should be at least 15 slides.

Each slide should have a minimum of 2-3 sentences of speaker notes in the "Notes" area at the bottom of each the slide.

Include the references from the annotated bibliography written during Unit 8, plus any additional supporting sources in APA format.

Reference no: EM131192223

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