Describes four artifacts of an organization culture

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Langton describes four artifacts of an organization’s culture that can be used to “read” the culture: stories, rituals, material symbols and language. Describe two of these artifacts that you have experienced or discovered in the company that you are researching. Tell why they are important. Then comment on those of at least three other students.

Reference no: EM131181771

A white employee who wasn''t hired for a teaching

however, a white employee who wasn't hired for a teaching job filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the affirmative action plan. Tory Bolton claimed that he was more q

What is the optimal value of the objective function

Use a graph to show each constraint and to identify feasible region. Identify the optimal solution point on your graph. What are the values of X and Y at the optimal solution?

Affecting car manufacturing of alternate energy vehicles

Conduct a PESTEL analysis to identify the forces affecting car manufacturing of alternate energy vehicles. How does Elon Musk constrain Tesla’s options?? How has Tesla departe

How social class and race have shaped your life

Explore how social class and race have shaped your life and the world in which you habit. Just your experience please no internet citing your own thought please and thank yo

Analyze the information on traditional training methods

review and analyze the information on traditional training methods. Which do you think tend to be the most effective and why? Which do you think tend to be most ineffective

A group of young entrepreneurs earns

1. A group of young entrepreneurs earns a (temporarily) steady living by acquiring inadequately supervised items from electronics stores and re-selling them. Each item has a s

Negligence suits are on the rise

As we have discussed, negligence suits are on the rise. One defense a defendant can raise when faced with such a suit is assumption of risk. Essentially, this means that an in

Senior management role in preparing organization

Explain senior management's role in preparing the organization to shift from a catalog-based retailer to an Internet retailer. Provide evidence of whether the transition was


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