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Describe your own style of influence, power, and leadership utilizing the concepts and theories presented in the text and video lectures this week.

Discuss experiences you have encountered in your current or past employment. How will you utilize your personal experiences along with what you have learned about motivating and leading others in the future?

Compose a 3-page (750 Words) essay in APA format: double-spaced with properly formatted citations and references.

You must provide at least one external resource other than your textbook. This source may be an Internet resource but must be reputable.

Words Limit: 750

References: Required

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Leaders are responsible for the performance of their employees as employees always demand for proper guidance, support, coaching and feedback from their leaders. So leaders with good communicational skills can get their work done by their employees easily as they can motivate their employees in a positive way effectively. Thus, leaders have great influence over the performance of the employees so the productivity of the business depends upon the guidance of .....

Reference no: EM13671334

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