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Question: Assignment Instructions

In this case study, you will analyze a testing scenario using your knowledge of testing and ethics.

Part A: Review the Case

A psychologist is redesigning a website to make it more appealing to clients. On the website, she lists several tests she learned about in graduate school. She also posts images of the tests, including the Rorschach inkblot cards.

Part B: Case Analysis

In a 5-6 page paper, addressing the following information:

1. Describe your immediate reaction to the scenario. What are the details you immediately noticed? What questions did the scenario raise about testing?

2. Identify and explain 3 factors that impact performance on projective tests.

3. Identify and discuss 3 reliability and validity concerns with the scenario.

4. Identify and explain at least 3 ethical concerns as per the APA Ethical Codes and how you would resolve the concerns.

Integrate academic sources on psychological assessment to support your position.

Please ensure that your paper is in APA format, using 12 pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with a title and references page. An abstract is not necessary. The paper should integrate 5-6 scholarly resources.

Reference no: EM132184780

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