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Complete the following:

Peruse the Professional Licensure resources page (link given in the Resources section). You will find professional licensure guidance, forms, and links to state licensing boards across all 50 states.

Use the Licensure Tool to locate information about requirements specific to your state and the license you will be pursuing. Some states have additional requirements about coursework, number of hours per quarters of fieldwork, types of fieldwork activities, hours of supervision, and qualifications of fieldwork site supervisors that you will need to keep in mind as you prepare for your fieldwork experience.

Visit the Web site of your state licensure board and read through the current state regulations specific to the educational and fieldwork requirements for licensure.

Be sure you are reviewing the requirements for the pre-degree fieldwork experience; many states have different requirements for the the post-degree internship experience that you may need to complete after you graduate. Take time to highlight all areas pertaining to the requirements you will need to meet.

Locate and download a copy of the actual application you will be completing when it is time for you to apply for licensure. Review all of the forms and required information that pertain to your coursework and pre-degree fieldwork experience.

For your discussion post, describe your experience with completing this licensure research.

Reference no: EM131419642

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