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Your client is a 10-year-old boy, who was referred by his mother following his disruptive behavior at school and at home. Although the mother is the referral person, the father supports the mother's decision to initiate the therapy. You are able to establish a good rapport with the boy and work through some of his issues.

Provide your answers to the following questions:

1. The mother informs you that a family physician that recently diagnosed her son with a Sleeping Disorder would like to know more about the boy's therapeutic work and his success in therapy. The mother informs you that the physician will contact you shortly. Explain how you will treat the mother's request to establish communication with the physician in light of the therapeutic mandates for privacy and confidentiality.

2. One day your client comes to the session and tells you that if he refuses to go to bed at a certain time, his father closes him in a bathroom for the rest of the night and does not give him anything to eat the next morning. Describe your actions in light of your obligations as a mandated reporter.

3. One day you conduct a family session: the boy, the mother, and the father are all present. After the session, you realize that your client's father was your parents' lawyer. Discuss your possible actions and remember Standard 1.3 from the AAMFT Code of Ethics and the first standard in the CAMFT Code of Ethics.

4. Ten sessions into the therapy, your client's mother informs you that their insurance panel did not approve further treatment. Discuss your actions, keeping in mind Standard 1.11 from the AAMFT Code of Ethics and the ninth standard in the CAMFT Code of Ethics.

5. One year after the termination of the therapy, you receive a subpoena from the mother's lawyer asking you to be part of the court proceeding following the parental divorce of your client. Describe your actions.

Reference no: EM131154500

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