Describe why you think nonprofits exist

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1. Describe why you think nonprofits exist. Why do you think public administration exists? How does administration within these two sectors differ? Which do you think your personal skillset/personality is best suited for based on the differences in each sector? Explain why.

2. CSR initiatives/strategies of Shoppers Drug Mart.

Which stakeholder groups benefit from the CSR initiatives? How does the firm (shoppers drug mart) benefit?

3. Company ethical what are some recommendations for improving business behavior? Suggest important roles for future business leaders.

Reference no: EM132280588

Prepare for filling out an employment application

Why is it essential to use power words and keywords in a resume? Describe at least two ways you can tailor your resume to fit a specific employer? Use examples from your own r

Corporate legality versus corporate responsibility

Read the Recalcitrant Director of Byte Products, Inc. which can be found in the Cases section of the textbook. James Elliot, The Chairman & CEO, has asked you to write a recom

Multivariate technique would you use to production plan

You are the production manager for a car company. You are making a decision on your production plan for the coming year. There is limited production capacity in your plant. Ba

Earn above-average returns-industrial organization model

Apply the industrial organization model and the resource-based model to determine how the Walt Disney Company's Media Networks (tv portion of the company) could earn above-ave

Interested in finding the shortest route between locations

Uber cabs identified 10 primary pickup and drop locations for Uber customers in Las Vegas. In an effort to minimize transportation costs, the company is interested in finding

Values of participation-involvement and empowerment

You are the director of operations for the emergency department of a local hospital. Recent state regulations now mandate that certain paperwork be completed before and after

Proprietary information while balancing employee privacy

What steps should a company take to protect its proprietary information while balancing employee privacy? Is it ethical for employees to give information about a company’s une

How much contingency reserve is needed for a project and why

Explain why adding as much contingency reserve as needed to fully cover every risk to its fullest would or would not be a good idea. Think of an example to determine how much


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