Describe why communication is essential in an organization

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Organizational Communication

For this assignment, compare and contrast two communication techniques that can be used to improve employee trust and engagement. Feel free to use the channels or techniques discussed in "Communication Provides Foundation for Being a Best Place to Work" by Kathleen Skidmore-Williams-an article that is located in the Unit IV Required Reading section-or feel free to research your own.

Your assignment should include the components below:

- Explain why communication is essential in an organization.

- Explain the ways that effective communication improves employee trust and engagement. Focus on comparing/contrasting two types of channels or techniques (e.g., on-site meetings, employee surveys, workshops).

- Explain the types of situations where each channel or technique would be most effective. Provide examples and facts for your audience. Avoid simply offering an opinion; rely on valid, academic research.

APA format should be used. The assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length.

Reference no: EM131306862

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