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The security representative for Computers, Security, and Investigations Inc. (CSII) in Centervale, you are the first responder to an emergency telephone call reporting that someone inside the computer lab may have been accessing child pornography. The security policy requires that you, as the first responder, investigate and document incidents fully.

As the first responder, you notify your immediate supervisor and close the lab for the rest of the day. Your supervisor, the chief security officer (CSO), requests a 6- to 8-page comprehensive report that details the situation and your actions as the first responder. You also consider contacting the director of the information technology (IT) department and the local authorities.

You are a security professional and not a law enforcement officer. You realize, however, that your work as the first responder is important for corporate responsibilities and further legal considerations. You are aware that your documentation could greatly affect the corporate policies and the prosecution of the individual.

What considerations will your documentation present for the corporation? What considerations will your documentation present for law enforcement? Please itemize how this can affect both entities.

• Each person that enters the library must sign in and sign out of the computer lab in the library.
• Each person's identification is not verified by anyone.
• There are no cameras in the computer lab, but there are cameras at the main entries and exits of the building.
• Several potential witnesses were within the lab when the computers worked, and then suddenly stopped working.
• No one touched the computer since the individual left the laboratory.
• Several of the witnesses can identify the individual but not by name-blue jeans, a white T-shirt, black sneakers, a short haircut, no facial hair, and Caucasian male.
• A thumb drive was left in the computer by the suspect, but the librarian touched the thumb drive.

Here's What You Need to Do . . .

Assume you were assigned the task of conducting a thorough investigation. Analyzing evidence from the scenario and using research from your course readings, complete a 6- to 8-page comprehensive report of the situation:

• Identify the type of computer crime that may have occurred. Make sure to include an explanation of all computer components that are involved.

• Describe the procedures that you would take to preserve the computer evidence at the scene.

• Describe and sketch the scene.

• Describe whom would you speak to or interview.

• List what investigative questions you would ask the witnesses, victims, and perpetrator.

• Explain other procedures you may take in order to investigate this case.

• Outline the approximate timeline of events.

• Describe what the witnesses saw or heard.

• Describe the entities that were contacted.

• Explain everything you did as the first responder to the scene and outline the importance of your actions.

• Analyze the legal considerations and liabilities of law enforcement agencies in this situation.

• Make recommendations for countermeasures and future protection against a similar incident.

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