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Important strategists such as classical China's Sun Tzu and early modern Europe's Clausewitz stressed that wise leaders must understand conflicts as they unfold. It is not enough to be involved in strife; the chance of a successful resolution is much higher if you can understand what started it, how it proceeded and how it ended-and whether that end is permanent or temporary. In this Assignment, you will consider a conflict you have witnessed and apply what you have learned to see it more clearly.

To complete this Assignment: Recall a recent conflict within an organisation that you have witnessed. Based on your reading and the lecture, consider what kind of conflict it was and identify the types of power at play. Discuss what the groups involved hoped to achieve and how they intended to do so. Consider the stages of the conflict that you observed.

Analyse the stages through which it passed. In particular, describe which of the five principal forms of resolution described in the Lecture Notes was achieved at its conclusion-or temporary cessation.

For all Assignments (unless stated otherwise): Your document should have 750–1,000 words (not including the list of works cited), but it is the quality of the answer that matters, not the number of words. 

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Reference no: EM13676041

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