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Assume you are the Athletic Director of a high school. Due to its superior condition, the school's baseball field is adapted for softball play whenever the softball team makes the state playoffs. One adaptation is to shorten the base paths from 90 feet to 60 feet, as required by softball rules.

During the first softball playoff game this year, one of your players hit a short pop fly down the right field line. The first baseman for the opposing team stepped into the hole surrounding the fixed anchor for the first base used by the baseball team. No caps or covers had been applied when the base was removed. When the first baseman stepped in the hole, her foot got caught between the anchoring stake and the ground.

As a result, she suffered a severely fractured ankle. The injured athlete sued the umpires and the school district for negligence, alleging that the field conditions were improper and unsafe.

Describe what the a) AD, b) the softball coaches, and c) the umpires should have done in an effort to avoid the injury that occurred in this instance.

Note: While this is the same factual scenario for the Written Assignment in Module 2, your response should be completely different.

Be sure to: 1) use and define the legal terms/phrases that apply; 2) include a minimum of two internet references; 3) properly cite and reference any sources using APA format.

Reference no: EM132280289

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