Describe what sectors are harmed by the shift

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We are constantly hearing about the mass exodus of jobs to other countries (phone service, computer service, sales). Use the concept of comparative advantage to explain why this is occurring. Also, explain how the U.S. benefits more in the long run from this shift. What sectors are harmed by the shift? What sectors benefit? Are there jobs likely to be created in the U.S. from this? Where? Why? Do you feel we should become protectionist and prevent this loss of jobs?

Reference no: EM13234753

Why the general level of wages is higher in the us

why the general level of wages is higher in the United States and other industrially advanced countries. What is the single most important single factor underlying the long-

How the dollar apprciation will affect us net export

Supposed that, initially, the U.S. economy was in an aggregate demand-aggregate supply equilibrium at point A along the aggregate demand curve AD in the diagram in the next

How the u.s. benefits more in the long run from the shift

The federal reserve arranges to make lonas to a banks automatically whenever an economic down-turn beginsB.) As the economy heats up, the resulting increase in equilibrium inc

Explain how the terrorist attacks may affect productivity

Terrorist attacks foster instability and may affect productivity over the short and long term. Do you think the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Cent

Explain why the average person in virginia is wealthier

Give 3 reasons why the average person in Virginia is wealthier than the average person in Haiti. (Use the wealth equation) Give one advantage that people in Haiti have over

How much income is left over for the shareholders of acme

Suppose that the U.S. government collects a 35% tax on all corporate profit earned in the United States and that the Mexican government collects a 20% tax on all corporate p

Evaluate us economy in terms of each of the six determinants

Write a short essay evaluating the U.S. economy in terms of each of the six determinants of average labor productivity discussed in the text. Are there any areas in which th

What is the slope of japans short-run phillips curve

Due to historical differences, countries often differ in how quickly a change in actual inflation is incorporated into a change in expected inflation. In a country such as J


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