Describe what score you made and why you think you got

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Writing Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to have you think about your academic motivation and engagement. Based on the 6 item-assessment on academic engagement you took in class (see the assessment below if you haven't done already), you should

1) Describe what score you made and why you think you got the score

2) Choose one of the contemporary motivation theories (e.g., self-determination, goal-setting, self-efficacy, reinforcement, equity/justice theory, or expectancy theory)

3) Talk about how the theoryyou pick seems to explain your current academic motivation and engagement

4) Talk about how you can further improve your academic motivation and engagement by listing at least three specific action steps that can possibly change/increase the score.

Your answer

• should not exceed more than one page in Word.

• must be a minimum of 350 words (excluding the instructions and questions).

• can be either double-spaced or single spaced; as long as you meet the page and word requirements above, it will be fine.

Reference no: EM132183780

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