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"Presentations and Best Practices"

Choose a field (e.g., marketing, sales, teaching, etc.) where you believe presentations are important. Describe three (3) ways in which you could effectively engage the audience in your chosen field through the use of PowerPoint 2013 presentations.

Read the article titled "The 10 most important things to teach your PowerPoint users." Next, select three (3) best practices that you believe are the most important for PowerPoint 2013 users to consider when using the application to present. Then, suggest one (1) additional best practice (not discussed in the article) that PowerPoint 2013 users should consider in order to effectively deliver the presentation.

Reference no: EM13768093

Example of an internal source of secondary data

Which of the following is an example of an internal source of secondary data? Personal interactions with survey respondents could lead to answers that would not be given othe

Provide brief overview of time-driven activity-based costing

The authors indicate that their preferred tool for resource-capacity planning is time-driven activity- based costing (TDABC). Provide a brief overview of TDABC including how

What will rop be under conditions

Daily demand = 100 units; performance cycle = 8 days; ROP= 800; Average Inventory Level = 400. How ROP might change, if we review inventory once each week and what will RO

The director of a youth basketball league in a large city

You are the director of a youth basketball league in a large city with thousands of kids participating. You count on parental involvement to coach your teams, but you continue

Determine the expected costs for each named risk

Fill out the project risk assessment matrix (attached). Be sure to include the following information in the matrix:  Identify and name at least three risks and name them (Risk

Classmate postings and respond to at least two other class

What types of leading teams experiences have you had in the past? (Please note that these can be anything from managing reorganization at your place of work to playing a

Many practitioners currently update mrp weekly

Choose ONE of the following questions from the end of Chapter 9 and prepare a response using material from your chapter reading. 2 Many practitioners currently update MRP week

Which of the given revisions is the most effective

The following sentence appears in your first draft of a report that analyzes perceived shortcomings in your company's employee health benefits: "Among the many criticisms an


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