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1. Describe ways that technology and social media have changed the roles of managers since Mintzberg's classic study in the 1960s.

2. Discuss how increasing diversity and globalization are likely to impact the roles that managers must play.

3. What roles must the CEO Matt Salzberg tackle to accomplish organizational goals? You must use examples from the video regarding the company "Blue Apron" to assist in answering this question.

4. Using the textbook's description of the roles that managers must play successfully, the additional resources provided above and any outside resources, describe the managerial roles the position requires. You must include the type of role and how the job characteristics apply to each job requirement.

Select one of the positions at Blue Apron and review the job characteristics. Copy them to your response before replying to Question #4.

An example follows. I copied/pasted the title of the position. Then, I copied and pasted the job requirements, which are labeled "What's on the menu?" Senior Manager, FP&A WHAT'S ON THE MENU

• "Work closely with Acquisition Marketing and Demand Forecasting to create consistent updates to the company's financial outlook

• Perform weekly and monthly variance analysis of budgeted/forecasted against actual financial performance, clearly interpreting and documenting variances and making suggestions to inform leadership decision making

• Understand marketing key performance indicators and hold the team accountable to providing the best outlook possible

• Support department heads with monthly financial and operational performance reviews, articulating the "story" implied by the analytical findings 

• Consistently spearhead ad hoc analyses around marketing and revenue scenarios, understanding marketing efficiency metrics as well as cost implications

• Foster entrepreneurial spirt across the company and lead cultural awareness towards developing FP&A to be the heartbeat of the organization."

5. Given the textbook's description of the roles that managers must play successfully, does a managerial career sound interesting to you? What role(s) do you believe you are most qualified to practice? Explain your position.

WRITING INSTRUCTIONS Page 1: Title Page Centered: Name Title of Assignment (Managerial Roles) Font: Times New Roman, 12 Double space Page requirement: In addition to, the title page, 3-4 pages of written content is expected.

Reference no: EM132280771

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