Describe value chain that creates and delivers services

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Describe a value chain that creates and delivers services, such as in airlines, banking, health care, hotels, education, food service, etc . . . Tell me how it is becoming more green and sustainable. If they aren't doing everything they could do, what could they do differently?

Reference no: EM131028827

Advantages of pcs compared to macs

Assume you own a computer retail store located near your campus (give the store any name you want). You have sold fewer PCs in recent years due to strong demand for macs among

How many times a year should be ordered component

Jose makes shopping for an enterprise of a need for a product component. The annual component demand is 2,800 units. Assume that the year has 360 days and the unit cost is $ 1

Describe your businesss buying decision behavior

Describe your business's buying decision behavior. What is the 'usual' buying behavior exhibited by your business, what is the type of buying situation, who are the participan

Business market using the characteristics indentified

Describe your business market using the characteristics indentified in your text. Think about yourself and how you would describe yourself using these characteristics if you w

Project management is the concept of an iron triangle

The main point of Project Management is the concept of an “ Iron Triangle” where you can do trade-off analysis between cost, schedule, and performance. Research this concept o

Think is the most important part of a business plan

What do you think is the most important part of a business plan? Why? What would be differences in a business plan for a start-up business and an existing business? Why do you

Evaluate missions statements-strategic management

Assurance of learning Exercise 2B-Evaluate Missions statements - Strategic management -14th edition. A business, mission statement is an integral part of strategic management

Minimize the challenges inherent to global mergers

How would you minimize the challenges inherent to global mergers? What could you do to align your corporate culture and the national cultures where you conduct business around


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