Describe two causes of the second world war

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Identify and describe two causes of the Second World War. Then analyze significant ways in which World War II changed the world. Make sure you use enough historical details to support your answer.

Reference no: EM13238822

Present a more balanced view of edison the man and inventor

What would you do to present a more balanced view of Edison the man and inventor? Based on my lecture, discuss why or why not Edison should be considered the creator of th

Discuss the roman division of social classes

Discuss the Roman division of social classes. How did Rome attempt to reconcile these differences in law and culture? What problems did these divisions cause? How could Rome

Discuss about the western culture: luther and columbus

The following 4 men created a paradigm shift within Western culture: Luther, Columbus, Gutenberg, and Copernicus. In this assignment, explain which one of these you deem to

What does the excluding group hope to gain by preventing

Can you think of any instances where Americans find or define their identity by excluding other groups? What groups are excluded, and what groups are doing the excluding? Wh

Why did president polk go to war with mexico

Why did President Polk go to war with Mexico? Why did the war become so divisive in Congress and the country? How did the abolitionists' proposals and methods differ from thos

Comparing the native relations

As both England and France solidified their colonial empires, contact with the natives was inevitable. However, each group treated natives differently.

Write three concise and effective topic sentences

Write three concise and effective topic sentences and highlight them in bold font. Organize as much and as diverse a selection of evidence as possible (see the list of evid

What determines whether a policy is enacted or not

What is the difference between public versus private concerns in relation to policy making and the government's role in this process? Describe two ways that social science re


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