Describe trend and distribution of undernutrition globally

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Global Nutrition and Nutritional Health


Nutrition is crucial to both individual and national development. In this Module we will explorewhat undernutrition is, common indicators of undernutrition, disease burden due to nutritional conditions, and the efforts made in fighting undernutrition.

At the end of this Module you should be able to articulate the following:

Critical Skills

1. Explain what undernutrition is and its causes.

2. Describe the trend and distribution of undernutrition globally.

3. Acknowledge the disease burden associated with nutritional conditions.

4. Explain the link between nutrition/undernutrition and individual and national development.

5. Describe interventions implemented to address nutritional conditions.

6. Be familiar with at least two development organizations/NGOsworking in global nutrition efforts.

7. Identify, explain and draw the UNICEF conceptual framework depicting the immediate, underlying and basic causes of undernutrition

8. Describe the consequences of acute and chronic undernutrition

9. Understand the consequences of selected important micronutrient deficiencies.

Reference no: EM13862830

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