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Suppose you are the manager of an accounts receivable unit in a large company. You are switching to a new system of billing and record-keeping and need to train your three supervisors and twenty-eight employees in the new procedures. What training method(s) would you use?

Reference no: EM13106133

Materials management and physical distribution

Distinguish between materials management and physical distribution. Discuss the postponement concept as it relates to the production and logistics interface. Discuss five acti

Comprehensive phrasing of the legal issue

Provide a shorthand and a comprehensive phrasing of the legal issue or issues in each of the following situations. Facts: Jones has a swimming pool in his backyard. The pool i

Suppose you were conducting a marketing analysis for a new

Suppose you were conducting a marketing analysis for a new textbook about technology management. What would you need to know to identify a market segment? How would you make

Hire based solely on the ability to do the job

“If all organizations would hire based solely on the ability to do the job, there would be no need for equal employment opportunity laws.” Do you agree or disagree? Defend you

Natural limit to the efficient size of diversified firm

Could a firm ever become too large and too complex to be managed through an M-form structure? Is there a natural limit to the efficient size of a diversified firm? What exampl

Multinational consumer products corporation

Carl Mitchell was delighted to accept a job in the British branch office of General Products, Inc., a multinational consumer products corporation. Two months later, Mitchell w

What is the current process capability as measured

The Sudso beer company is required to fill all bottles as advertised with a minimum fill of 12 ounces. Each bottle will only hold 12.25 ounces. The current process fill is run

Use one of the online business models

You are working to develop an online venture. It is your goal to make a difference. Whether your project is for-profit or not-for-profit, you must raise revenue (in the case o


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