Describe time when innovation was harmful to organization

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Describe a time when innovation was harmful to an organization. With the benefit of hindsight, discuss what could have been marketed differently to have save the innovative efforts. Answers should be a minimum of 400 words in paragraph format and cited in APA format appropriately.

Reference no: EM131280123

What is the most important things did learn

What is the most important thing(s) did learn from this assignment that will assist you in becoming a more effective manager? You set up your responses however you deem fit. B

Market penetration strategy and market development strategy

Discuss some of the considerations in presenting a forecast to management that are different from the statistical and mathematical considerations of preparing a forecast. Plea

Use in fiber-optic cable communications system

Two-alternative components are being considered for use in a fiber-optic cable communications system. One component has a unit cost of $840 and a Weibull failure distribution

About the business arenas in which it will operate-invest

This term refers to a company’s decisions about the business arenas in which it will operate and invest. In this form of diversification, a company acquires either a supplier

Would you allow compensation to be negotiable

You wish to locate this engineer to Boston, Massachusetts, where you intend that he work for at least the next ten years. What type of compensation package might you offer thi

Which should be the primary basis for formulating strategy

Which should be the primary basis for formulating strategy: the external market (customer requirements in particular) or the firm's resources and capabilities. Please explain.

What are compensation packages for expatriates

how would your task force use the FOCUS model and the data collection, process mapping, and process analysis tools to plan for a process change? What are compensation packages

Would you recommend changing the current production lot size

Assume that you are reviewing the production lot size decision associated with a production operation where P = 8000 units per year, D = 2000 units per year, Co = $300, and Ch


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