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1. The Discussion Board this week revolves around the following scenario:

1. Describe in detail a person you know who is actively pursuing a change in body composition (weight/fat loss/increased tone or bulk, etc.) or an athletic performance goal.

a. Provide the specific goals of the person (not general goals be very specific)

b. Provide as much detail as possible about the person: age, gender, height/weight, anthropometric measurements, history, etc... as much as possible....

d. Provide a detailed account of their current physical activity habits/plan.

c. Describe in detail their current dietary habits/plan. Types of food (fresh, frozen, canned, processed, etc.), how the food is prepared (at home, out to eat, deep-fried, baked, etc.), meal patterns (number of meals and time the meals are consumed, etc.), and any other details regarding dietary habits.

e. Describe their daily routine. Amount and time of sleep, fluid intake, work/school schedule, exercise time and length, daily activities, etc.

2. Based upon the readings, other course work, available resources, etc. do you think this person you have described will be successful in meeting their personal goals? Why or why not. Please provide a rationale that is a professional response and not just based upon opinion.

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