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Child Development - A cultural Approach

Answers for the following questions:

01. Give an example of a collectivism culture and a tradition or behavior that illustrates their collectivist beliefs

02. Socioeconomic status has a huge effect on quality of life. Describe the ways in which SES influences access we have to resources.

03. What does viability mean, and how likely is a fetus to be viable at 22 weeks? At 26 weeks? Why would this vary depending upon whether a person lives in a developed or a developing country? What is the main obstacle to viability even by the beginning of the third trimester?

04. You are out to dinner with your friend who is in her second trimester of pregnancy. You order a beer and she proceeds to order a glass of wine. When you raise a concern about alcohol being dangerous for the developing fetus, she replies, My doctor told me it was ok to have a glass of wine once in a while. What is your evaluation of this advice?

05. Your visit your friend in the hospital after giving birth to her first child, and her husband mentions that he is so relieved that the APGAR score was a 9, so now he doesn't have to worry about any problems. He states that, my best friend had a baby with Down Syndrome, and their baby's APGAR was really low; we are so lucky that our baby is above average in intelligence. Explain what the APGAR stands for and comment on the above quote.

06. How are sleep patterns related to the environment the newborn is raised in?

07. Your neighbor tells you that she is going to buy her child the Baby Einstein videos, saying that, even though they are really expensive, they are worth it. She ask you what you think? Provide a response based on research evidence.

08. Describe the process of emotional development in the first two years of life.

09. How is Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development different from Piaget's theory?

10. Why does autism become harder to deal with an adult versus a child?

11. Name and describe the two sub stages of the preoperational stage.

12. Compare and contrast the outcomes for children of authoritative parents versus those of authoritarian parents based on research with white, middle-class families. Provide a rationale for why parents' behavior influenced their children in these ways.

13. A 9 year old would be in what Piagetian stage? Describe two tasks that they would be able to do that they could not do at the previous stage.

14. Describe one important determinant of whether children respond positively or negatively after their parents' divorce? How long does it take for things to get back to normal? Are there sex differences? Why?

15. What are some of the negative consequences of working while in high school?

16. What research methodology has been used to track adolescents' emotions? Discuss the findings comparing the emotional experiences of adolescents to younger children.

17. Compare and contrast the college experience of the Japanese and those from one other country.

18. When it comes to romantic partners, do opposites attract or do birds of a feather flock together? Cite research to support your answer and explain why.

19. How has mobile phone use changed the way you interact with your friends? Provide evidence for its popularity from the book.

20. Learning to regulate their __________ helps toddlers to regulate their ________
a) explicit emotions; subjective emotions
b) Subjective emotions; explicit emotions
c) primary emotions; sociomoral emotions
d) sociomoral emotions; primary emotions

21. Hearing improves in middle childhood because the tube in the inner ear that is often the site of ear infections in toddlerhood and early childhood has now matured to be longer and narrower than it was before. How does this help with ear infections?
a) The tympanic membrane becomes less permeable
b) It allows the immune system to concentrate its efforts on this area
c) Children develop immunity to the bacteria that cause ear infections during this time
d) Less bacteria - containing fluids flows from the mouth to the ear.

22. Moving from adolescence, most individuals experience a slight increase in self-esteem as they enter into emerging adulthood. ---------- is/are a physiological factor, whereas ____________ is a social factor.
a) An established self-concept; developing career goals
b) Developed career goals; establishing one's self - concept
c) The ending of puberty; the ending of secondary school
d) The ending of secondary school; the ending of puberty

Reference no: EM131074515

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