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Subject: Legal & Law in UAE.

Based on reading the articles provided in the Moodle and other sources of information that you could gather, answer the following questions in your own words. (WARNING: Your assignment will not be accepted if you copy/plagiarize!). Each question requires at least one-page answer, and no more than two pages.

a) Describe the process in which UAE federal laws are issued. How and when is the power of new laws become enforceable?

b) Describe the UAE court system and the different types of court in UAE.

c) Describe briefly the court litigation process in UAE.

d) What is arbitration and why it is becoming more popular over litigation?


Please write all the answers in your own words. If you use materials and refer to any sources, please quote and cite your references. If you don't do this you are committing plagiarism and you may be referred to the University's Student Disciplinary Committee.

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Reference no: EM13845519

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