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• You are a medical representative of a company that specializes in endoscopes. Write a letter to the new nurse manager of a multi-specialty office. The letter should describe the types of endoscopes you sell (Endoscope, Cystoscope, Nephroscope, Urethroscope, Laparoscope, Bronchoscope, Arthroscope, Colposcope, Gastroscope, Laryngoscope, Proctoscope, Thoracoscope) and their uses.

• You are the office manager for a ten-physician OB-GYN office. The Chief Medical Officer asks you to write a patient information sheet for your patients, describing step-by-step the process for amniocentesis used in your office. Use the description and figure 12-8 of Chapter 12, page 18 in your electronic text to write a 300-word patient information sheet describing the amniocentesis process. 
Make sure to include the following terms, in addition to other terms in the patient information sheet in a manner that demonstrates your knowledge of their meaning.

4.Amniotic sac
5.Spina bifida 
8.Alpha fetoprotein
9.Rh disease
10.Open neural tube defects
11.Umbilical wall
12.Uterine wall

Reference no: EM13206144

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