Describe the type of data collection tools to be used

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Effects of project based learning on education

Remember, it is important that the data collection is aligned with the research question(s), which was required in the matrix from EDU671. Therefore, another purpose for this assignment is for you to use this assignment as an opportunity to revise and adjust the data collection portion of your study. Effective action research practice includes ongoing and deliberate thought in order to positively inform your study. Revisions are required as part of this action research process. Consequently, incorporating this information is essential to a comprehensive data collection process and presentation of findings that is due in Week Six. For this assignment, you summarize the necessary modifications you made to your action research between the proposal process from EDU671 to this second week as you begin implementation of your study. Please address each of the components listed below in the content expectations and write your paper to meet the written communication expectations below. If modifications were not needed to a particular component, share what was in place originally and label it with the words NO CHANGE.

Describe the current area of focus for the research including required revisions thus far.

Synthesize the literature have you found in addition to your matrix developed in EDU 671 that supports your proposal.

Describe your defining variables in specific and operational terms.

State your research question(s) in a list format making sure that there is a clear relationship through clear and concise wording to the action research project.

Analyze the intervention/innovation as it pertains to the connection of the action research project to the field of education, the specific community, non-educational, or individual personal issue in which you are studying.

Describe the type of data collection tools to be used in the study.

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Reference no: EM13831706

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