Describe the type of action research

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Create a power point presentation that you could use to propose an action research project for your school (or a school with which you are familiar in Texas). The body of the proposal should be 10 slides - think about an area of need, describe the problem or issue, describe the type of action research you would follow, and explain how you would set up the research. Add a title slide and a reference slide.

Reference no: EM131314805

Characteristics of process and outcome evaluation

Summarize the characteristics of process and outcome evaluation. Provide two examples of each type of evaluation. This is for a human service class so it has to be in an hum

Show the effect of the increase

To restore fullemployment, the government increases government expenditure by $0.5 trillion. Draw a curve to show the effect of the increase if it is the only change in spen

Big box stores versus family owned stores

Assume if your family owned a store selling clothing, variety goods or consumers electronics and a competitor like home depot or circuit city opened a store in the same area,

Explain marketing management - goods and services

Explain Marketing management - Goods and Services, Assess how a marketer would approach the Product P of the 4Ps for a service it needs to add to its existing product line-up

What distribution channel or channels does company leverage

Are there any channels that each respective company could take advantage of to increase sales and that they are not currently using? If so, how could they begin to leverage

What is logistical performance in supply chain management

Explain the differences between transactional and relationship marketing. Explain how do these differences lead to increasing emphasis on logistical performance in supply ch

How do you keep your company from suffering much damage

How would you address these issues with the partnering companies called into question? Importantly, how do you keep your company from suffering much damage due to poor publi

Amount of money to maintain an inventory of products

Traditional retailers spend a considerable amount of money to maintain an inventory of products and provide salespeople to service in-store customers. Explain whether or not


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