Describe the tone of the introduction in this code of ethics

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Code of Ethics- Introduction: The Employees of Southwest Airlines deliver Legendary Customer Service, with Spirit and LUV, leavened with Common Sense and Good Judgment while keeping Safety paramount. We work hard, and we treat our Customers and each other the way we would like to be treated. To ensure prosperity and job security for our People, we must remain profitable. It is our responsibility to provide a sound return to our Shareholders. One of our primary competitive advantages is our Low Costs enabling us profitably to charge Low Fares. We place a high value on honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. This Code applies to all Southwest Employees and its Board of Directors. In addition, other entities and individuals who perform services for Southwest (“business associates”) may be subject to this Code by contract or agreement. This Code does not cover all Southwest policies or all laws. If a law conflicts with this Code, we follow the law. If a local custom or practice conflicts with this Code, we follow this Code. This Code clarifies Southwest’s rights and expectations as an employer, but does not add to or subtract from Employee rights or in any way create any contractual employment rights for Employees. This Code of Ethics is adopted in order to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the regulations promulgated thereunder, and New York Stock Exchange Listing Requirements.

1) Describe the tone of the introduction in this code of ethics:

Reference no: EM13855167

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