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1. Describe the three "expert" viewpoints on globalization (the hyperglobalist, skeptic, and transformationalist viewpoints). In your opinion, which viewpoint would be most beneficial for global development and why? Apply these theories to the United Kingdom's recent vote to leave the European Union. Briefly discuss "Brexit", the issues behind the referendum, and its outcome. Does Brexit signal a retreat of globalization as some commentators have suggested, or is it an lone incident of isolationism in an ever increasing world of interconnectivity? Your critical answer to this question would suggest that one of the three "expert" viewpoints above is most accurate in describing the future trajectory of supranational in Europe (and beyond). Given your answer, which viewpoint do you think most accurately portrays the situation facing the EU? Moving forward, what is your prediction concerning the future of the EU and what should be its future agenda (e.g., deepening vs. widening)? Please explain your answers.

2. In chapter five, the authors of your text emphasize the legacy of the Soviet System. Describe the communist system of government and explain how it has changed since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Include a discussion of the most recent restructuring under the Putin administration and explore the impact such restructuring would have on social cohesion, political freedom, and democratic participation.

3. Describe the Physical Geography of Middle America as outlined in chapter two. Discuss the relationship between population distribution and physiography as presented in your text. Where applicable, describe how the environment influences settlement and how settlement influences the physical environment.

Reference no: EM131147820

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