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Phonics Based Reading & Decoding Discussion Question

Word Walls

Read Chapter 9: Word Walls (pp. 142-154). Also, read this web article from the Reading Rockets program entitled, Word Walls.


For this discussion forum, choose one of the options below:

Option 1: Visit classrooms and take at least ten pictures of various word walls. Create a Pinterest account and display the various word walls. In your posting, include a link to your Pinterest board of word walls and explain what you learned from this experience. Clearly explain how you will use word walls to enhance your literacy instruction.

Click here for various examples of Word Wall Techniques.

Option 2: Create a visual of a word wall you would implement in your classroom. You can draw this on paper or use a digital tool or take a picture. Attach it to your posting. Describe the theme, purpose, and procedures. Clearly explain how you will use word walls to enhance your literacy instruction.

Watch this YouTube video. The following is an example of teaching vocabulary using a WordWall.

Please make sure to refer to chapter 9. Use OPTION 2 I have attached the chapter as a docx. Rubric Scoring sheet is also attached. Please follow that. :)

Book:Rasinski, T. & Padak, N.D. (2013). From phonics to fluency: Effective teaching of decoding and reading fluency in the elementary school. NJ: Pearson.

Attachment:- 9_word_walls.rar

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