Describe the term tourism multiplier effect

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(a) Tourism often has many positive and negative impacts on the environment and on host communities Discuss.

(b) Identify and explain different types of concepts emerging in tourism business.


(a) What is a tourism economic impact analysis and the questions it addresses?

(b) Describe the term Tourism multiplier effect?


Trends in International Tourism

Travel and tourism will grow to new heights in the 21st century as it becomes more accessible to a larger cross section of the global population. This will result in commensurate economic opportunities for developed and emerging destinations around the world. It will also create major challenges, not only in attracting and serving increased tourism demand, but also in mitigating the numerous potential negative externalities that will emerge as a result of tourism's rapid growth

Successful destinations will strike a balance in developing their tourism industries by monitoring international trends, engaging tourism stakeholders, ensuring that the benefits of tourism outweigh any potential negative impacts and pledging a more equitable distribution of tourism revenue. There is good reason for countries to focus on honing their abilities in tourism: it is a big business. According to the UNWTO, 846 million international visitor arrivals generated US$735 billion (US$2 billion/day) in tourism revenue in 2006. Tourism represents 35 percent of the world's export of services and over 70 percent in the Least Development Countries. The UNWTO predicts that international tourism demand will double by 2020 to an astronomical 1.6 billion visitors generating nearly US$2 trillion in economic activity. Currently, the tourism industry is characterized by a variety of issues and trends, which present a range of inherent threats and opportunities

(a) Outline the new opportunities and threats

(b) Define the term Tourism Supply


(a) Describe the term socio-cultural impact of tourism and provide examples of such negative impacts?

(b) Describe with examples how tourism can contribute to socio cultural conservation?

Reference no: EM133832

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