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Management Training Guide - Delegation

Your management team has been retained by a senior manager who is concerned about the effectiveness of his managers and their teams.

He would like your team (the team of employees writing the guide) to develop a training guide on delegation. The training guide should be designed to improve the interest in, and delegation skills of his managers. He also wants the training guide to include and address the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling activities.

Develop a detailed description of the proposed "Delegation" training guide, presented as a PowerPoint slide show with in-depth speaker's notes, at the bottom of each slide.

This training guide should, at a minimum, effectively address the following questions:

1. Suggest and summarize in-depth, the planning, organizing, leading and controlling activities as it relates to delegation for these managers.
2. Define the term delegation.
3. Why is the ability to effectively delegate important to a leader/manager?
4. Why is the ability to effectively delegate important to the company?
5. What should and should not be delegated?

Reference no: EM1340962

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