Describe the system you propose to model with a harmonic

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LAB3.5 Find Your Own Harmonic Oscillator 

In the text, we claim that the harmonic oscillator can be used as a simple model for many different situations. The key ingredients are a restoring force, which pushes the system back toward a rest position, and (perhaps) a damping force. 

For this lab, you are to find such a system. It may be mechanical, biological, psychological, political, financial, or whatever. You will have to do some analysis on your system, so you will need to be able to obtain some data on its “motion.” You can either record the data yourself or use published data (with proper references). 

In your report, address the following items: 

In a short essay, carefully describe the system you propose to model with a harmonic oscillator equation. State the dependent variable and describe the rest position, the restoring force, and the damping. 

Collect data on the behavior of your system either by observing your system or from published sources (taking care to give proper references). 

Use your data to estimate the parameter values appropriate for your system. Classify your system as overdamped, critically damped, or underdamped. Compare solutions of the harmonic oscillator equation with the data you have collected. Describe how well the solutions of the model fit the data and discuss any discrepancies. 

Your report: Address the three items above in the form of a short essay. In Part 2, describe how you obtained your data (either citing appropriate references or giving details of your experimental procedure). In Part 3, be sure to address any problems that arose in using the harmonic oscillator as a model. (If your data differs significantly from your solutions, then you may want to adjust the parameter values that you are using or search for another situation that is better modeled by the harmonic oscillator.) 

Reference no: EM132235022

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