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1) Describe the symptoms of the eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa with the reference to the psychological changes that occur in the human brain. How do these psychological changes affect a person's self-perception? Further, what are the physiological effects of Anorexia Nervosa on the human body? Choose two body systems and describe in detail.

2) Describe the term 'reward pathway' and what mechanisms are involved. Does food have an effect on the brains dopamine receptors? If so, relate the similarities between food and drugs to these receptors. In your answer, include and describe dopamine tolerance in relation to food and drug addiction.

3) How does depression affect the hippocampus? Is diet and nutritional choice a causative, preventative, and or possible treatment factor for depression in young Australian adults?

4) Part 1. You are a student nurse on a mental health ward at the local hospital. Whilst doing your rounds you begin to help a patient who shows signs of distress, and are asked by your immediate supervisor to explain the differences between the symptoms of common anxiety and a panic attack.

Part 2. Afterwards, you sit with the patient to talk with her. She discloses to you that she was diagnosed with Panic disorder a few years ago, but did not proceed with treatment as prefers to not take drugs. She has gotten markedly worse since that time, and would like to know suitable treatment options. Outline and explain where possible all the treatment options for panic disorder you would suggest.

Part 3. After spending time with the patient, your supervisor returns and would like you to clarify your understanding, he asks you to describe the physiological response of a panic attack on the body systems.

5) Describe the key signs of muscle dysmorphia, and outline potential reasons on why this eating disorder occurs.  Explain two physiological effects muscle dysmorphia can have on the body, with reference to studies in terms of over exercising or the use of anabolic- androgenic  steroids.

6) Define Bulimia Nervosa and describe the negative effects of this eating disorder on at least 3 organ systems. Explain how bears are better adapted to cope with extreme conditions that are similar to those faced by sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa.

7) Analyse and evaluate the physiological benefitsof the Mediterraneandiet and how this plays a major role in the prevention of chronic diseases

8) Give a definition for food additives. Compare TWO food additives in regards to their absorption, target tissues and excretion. Choose 2 organ systems and give examples of food additives and how they can affect those organ systems.

9) Define what a nootropic drug is. Choose two examples of nootropics discussed and compare their physiological effects on learning. Choose two of the illicit drugs discussed and explain how they affect the brain and memory.

10) A) Outline the different classifications of drugs and include an example for each group.

B) Describe the physiological effects of illegal drugs on the brain and two other body systems of your choice.

C) Discuss the different treatment options available for drug abuse and assess their effectiveness.

11) Discuss the effects of long term fasting on the physiology and explain why short term fasting may be beneficial. Name two hormones that are affected by fasting/starving and their physiological effects.

13) Briefly explain the mechanism and causes ofageing. Describe 2 injuries which are common in the aged population and explain their physiology, symptoms and treatment options.

14) The physiology of aging is complex and not yet fully understood in humans. Some diseases manifest mysteriously and the physiological effects are highly variable between individuals. Considering these facts answer the following. Discuss one theory as to why aging occurs?

What are some differences in nutritional requirements between a child, an adult and an elderly person?

When older, why are humans more prone to develop a disease compared to the young? Give two examples of such diseases?

15) Describe bodybuilding, focusing on key mechanisms of muscle growth, nutritional requirements and supplementation.

Outline how steroids can affect the reproductive systems and bone density in both males and females.

Write in full sentences but concise and not too much as you won't get any extra marks for irrelevant information even if it is correct!

Reference no: EM131063278

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