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1. In a short essay, discuss as many demand states as you can for bifocal contact lenses.
2. In a short essay, describe the supply chain for denim jeans.
3. In a short essay, discuss the marketer's argument for why an organization should embrace the marketing concept.
4. In a short essay, describe the four levels of competition for Chrysler-made minivans.


Mini-Case 1-1

S. Truett Cathy entered the restaurant business in 1943. In 1964 he introduced his first Chick-fil-A sandwich. In 1998 he owned 826 Chick-fil-A restaurants in 35 states and South Africa with an additional 92 stores set to open in 1999. Cathy was never the type of entrepreneur who wanted to run an idea up the flagpole and see who saluted it. He will not open a new restaurant unless he is convinced the enterprise will be a success. He will not consider taking the company public even though it would be worth an estimated three-quarters of a billion dollars if it went public. Cathy's philosophy is, "We started Chick- fil-A, we built it, and we own it. Yes, we have thousands of allies, friends, partners, and employees. But

it we want to maintain the quality, the integrity, and the whole culture of our company, we've got to own it."

5. Refer to Mini-Case 1-1. When Cathy started selling Chick-fil-A sandwiches, the market was saturated with hamburger restaurants. Colonel Sanders was selling chicken dinners, however, there were no restaurants selling the fried chicken sandwich that Cathy visualized. Cathy recognized a(n)demand for something different to eat.

a.) derived
b.) latent (moderate) p. 5
c.) elastic
d.) irregular
e.) declining

6. Refer to Mini-Case 1-1. Cathy's philosophy about keeping the company private is an example of marketing.

a.) relationship (difficult) p. 9
b.) entrepreneurial
c.) societal
d.) environmental
e.) transactional

7. Refer to Mini-Case 1-1. The allies, friends, partners, and employees that Cathy refers to are examples of with whom Chick-fil-A has built mutually profitable business relationships.

a.) stockholders
b.) transaction partners
c.) reciprocal agents
d.) stakeholders (moderate) p. 10
e.) business networks

8. Refer to Mini-Case 1-1. Which of the following would be a part of Chick-fil-A's task environment?

a.) its target customers (moderate) p. 11
b.) development of database marketing
c.) laws governing cleanliness standards in the restaurant kitchens
d.) consumer desire for low-fat food
e.) demographic trends that show the U.S. population moving south and west

Mini-Case 1-2

A few years ago, Target Corporation (then called Dayton-Hudson) decided that it would no longer sell tobacco products, giving up a very profitable line for them at the time. Liability and corporate responsibility were cited as the reasons for this move at the time.

9. Refer to Mini-Case 2-1. This decision by Target illustrates which of the following?

a.) the marketing concept
b.) integrated marketing
c.) relationship marketing
d.) societal marketing concept (moderate) p. 17
e.) benchmarking

10. Refer to Mini-Case 2-1. Which of the external environments likely had the most impact on Target's decision to delete tobacco products from its product line-up?

a.) demographic environment
b.) political-legal environment (moderate) p. 11
c.) task environment
d.) natural environment
e.) manufacturing environment

11. Refer to Mini-Case 2-1. Even if a Target consumer wanted to buy tobacco products, no physical product exchange could take place. Why?

a.) There are not two parties.
b.) One of the parties lacks something that could be of value to the other. (moderate) p. 8
c.) One of the parties is incapable of communicating or delivering.
d.) One of the parties cannot accept or reject the exchange.
e.) One of the parties believes it is inappropriate or undesirable to deal with the other party.

Reference no: EM131139551

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